Pre-version of kernel 2.0 RC18 for EZ5 v1, v2 and Plus owners

As everyone knows, the kernel 2.0 didn't get update since a long time now.
Mean, a lot of dump needed to be fixed according to the Game's trouble thread.

Ez Team decided to release a pre-version so you guys can test and see if some games still need to be fixed.

If you wish to help, download the attached ez5sys.bin and update your microSD with it.
Please report in this thread, games that still need to be fixed.


In blue text, game run properly
In Red text, game is not fixed
In black text, game not yet tested

- 3570 - TOEIC - Test DS Training (K) = only save problem. DON'T BACK TO USER CHOICE PAGE. if you go that page, your save file is gone. disappear... (thanks dilvish)
- 3595 - Spectral Force - Genesis (K) = freeze when saving (thanks dilvish)
- 3659 - Magic Hanja 1000 DS (K) = when I said wrong answer in quiz, game was freeze (thanks dilvish)
- 3982 - Genso Suikoden Tierkreis (K) = cannot make a progress after a certain point, crucial event won't occur (thanks dilvish)
- 4217 - Rhythm World (K) = always wrong judgement, cannot proceed beyond the 1st rhythm (thanks dilvish)
- 4237 - Combat of Giants - Dragons (E) = AP (thanks soda) (speed5)
- 4292/4274 - Mario and Sonic at Vancouver Olympics (E/U) = hangs in story mode at Icepeak (.sav from GBAtemp).
- 4723 - Iron Master: Wanggukui Yusangwa Se Gaeui Yeolsoe (K) = save but always restart from the begining (thanks dilvish)
- 4784 - Jacqueline Wilson's Tracy Beaker: The Game (E) = white screens. (Thanks Ju5tus) (speed5)
- 4812 - WarioWare D.I.Y (U) = the game freezes after downloading a micro-game from WFC and saving. (thanks everyone)
- 4824 - Pro Yakyuu Famista DS 2010 (J) = Always create save at start. (Thanks miyata)
- 4915 - WarioWare: Do It Yourself (E) = the game freezes after downloading a micro-game from WFC and saving. (thanks jonez001)
- 4902 - America's Test Kitchen: Let's Get Cooking (U) = AP ? =randome freezing (thanks JohnnyBlaze)
- 4927 - Cosmetick Paradise: Kirei no Mahou (J) = AP (Thanks KimYom)
- 4933 - Dementium II (U) = AP ? save error message (Thanks lestat1uk & Flechagorda)
- 4941 - Figure Princess: Exciting Skating Gold Medal Aim! (K) = AP ? (thanks dilvish)
- 4942 - Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2010: Reverse of Arcadia (K) = AP ? (thanks dilvish)
- 4949 - Petz Fantasy (E) = AP
- 4951 - Jam with the Band (E