Maplestory "Legend" Update Summer 2011 in Korea [2]

posted on 30 Jun 2011 22:09 by takato in Game

On June 29, at 11 am, Nexon will have a conference outlining their 2011 Summer update for MapleStory! Obviously, Cannon Shooter will be a part of it, but what else will be released? The two mysterious new jobs? The thief and pirate balancing patch? The remaining heroes? Check back here tomorrow!

Edit: The conference is over! Check past the cut for all the information and things revealed!

Edit (2): As of 2:50 pm EST, I have updated this post with many more pictures and more information! Please read on~


The new MapleStory update is called MapleStory Legend! The previously known Cannon Shooter will be released on July 7. The Archer Hero’s name is Mercedes, and she is the Queen of Elves. She will be released on July 21. The Resistance warrior is called Demon Slayer and will be released on August 4!

The Cannon Shooter job is an extension of the Adventurer class. He uses a new weapon called the Hand Cannon. He is focused on power. As he is sailing with his crew Skipper and Riding, he is attacked by a Balrog and shipwrecked! But on that island he finds Stoner, who enlists him to fix the cannon on the island and send them home.

He also has a partner, Monkey! Monkey helps the Cannon Shooter out in a lot of his skills, and even buffs him up with things like Monkey Magic.

Glamour and elegance, the Elf Queen Mercedes has awoken! She uses a new weapon called the Dual Bowgun. Her play style is all about quick movements and attacks, and also combos.

She, like Aran, was cursed by the Black Mage and frozen in ice. Her town was put in a deep slumber as well. After she has awoken, she decided to travel the Maple world and defeat the Black Mage to keep her town safe.

At level 70, she gets her mount, the unicorn. At 120, it grows!

Mercedes resides in the new elf town Eyurel. This town was shown during the Maple Idol event, a secret easter egg by Nexon!

Some of Mercedes skills include:

Mercedes is not a gender locked character, you can be both female or male.

The Demon Slayer will continue the Edelstein and Black Mage stories. He was a part of the Black Mage army but then his brother was killed by the Black Mage. In rage, he betrayed them and almost died. However, he woke up in Edelstein, and decided to join the Resistance to exact revenge upon the Black Mage and his army.

Demon Slayer has the Demon Force System. Instead of MP, the Demon Slayer uses Demon Force. The Demon Slayer uses one-handed maces (blunt weapons), and on his other hand is his Force Shield. I assume that it will be sort of a permanent equipment for this job. The glow of the Force Shield changes as the Demon Slayer advances.

He collects it by attacking monsters, and it appears in the form of glowing orbs.

This job is very special since you can customize his skin, face, and more.

The Demon Slayer does not have a mount per se, instead, he has wings, which he gets at 70 then upgrades at 120.

An example of Demon Slayer’s skills. Some of his skill names are:

  • Death Curse (gives a chance of instant death)
  • Dark Spin
  • Devil Cry
  • Death Throw

As part of an improved system, everyone will receive a permanent +20% speed, and also you can now hold 300 potions in one slot instead of 100. The NPC repurchase system will be added. The Profession system will be improved on, many more items will be available to make for all three professions. Also, all Victoria Island quests will be reorganized so they will provide good experience for those under level 30! I think this will lead to a revamp of every quest, so they will actually be done!

The Legend Festival, which comes with this new update. It includes many things. Every weekend there will now be 2x experience and Super Fight score. Two new worlds will be released, one on July 7 with Cannon Shooter, and the other on July 21 with Mercedes. They will receive 2x experience and drop. There will be a Hot Time event where everyone will receive in-game items, and maybe even some Cash items! Everyone who participates also receives tokens. Those who raise one of the new jobs to level 50 will receive a ring.

The new 1 + 1 event allows you to give experience from one character to another. You must raise one of the 3 new classes and get them to level 70. Then, you can copy their experience points to another character, or even add them to the same character you got them from. There will also be a 2x increase in drop rate of equipment and use items. You will receive full equipment sets at level 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60, and 70. There will be a new event called 3000 Days. During this, MapleStory will celebrate its 3000th day. You can hunt monsters for Orange Mushroom Stamps to get the Maple 3000 Days Celebration Medal. On July 16 and 17, there will be a party held to celebrate it. Everyone will receive buffs and Legend coins. You can also hunt monsters to get the 3000 Days Celebration Box, and open it for the 3000 Days Celebration Cape.

The biggest part of the Legend Festival is the Legend’s Shop. You can buy many different items here using tokens. A list of items:

  • AP Reset Scroll, SP Reset Scroll (account tradeable)
  • Various Advanced and Special scrolls
  • Legend’s Scrolls (15%/45%/75%), 36 different kinds!
  • Profession Recipes, 103 recipes are available, including the new items introduced with the Profession system improvement
  • Spirit Pendant, past event items such as Maple items
  • Legend Weapons, 73 items
Sounds really good doesn’t it? Especially that AP Reset! However, you must be thinking where to get tokens?
  • Raising one of the three new jobs
  • Participating in attendance checks
  • Clearing party quests/Super Fight/Monster Park
  • Participating in the Legend Festival events
  • Raising your profession skills
  • If you are an old user and you are returning